Everything to be found in the Ars Magica 2 mod can be found in the in-game book, the Arcane Compendium. Except how to get the Compendium.

Unlocking the Secrets of the ArcaneEdit

In order to start using Ars Magica 2, you need the folowing items:

  • Book
  • Item Frame
  • Pool of Liquid Essence (any size)

Place the item frame right above the liquid essence and place the book in the frame. Magic particles should start flowing into the book, and eventually (more essence = shorter time), the book will turn into an Arcane Compendium. Take it out of the frame and you will gain your first Magic Level.

Beyond First LevelEdit

Everything from this point on is detailed in your Arcane Compendium, but a summary is included here. The next things you will need are an Occulus, an Inscription Table, and a Spellcrafting Altar (a multi-block structure). 

Look into the Occulus to spend your skill points (you start with three blue ones). Pick at least one shape (square icons) and one component (hexagonal icons). Use your choices with a Book and Quill in the inscription table to make a spell recipe. Put the recipe in the Lectern of the Spellcrafting Altar, throw in a Blank Rune, then throw in all other items in the order it asks fo them. Voila! Now you have a spell. Cast it a few times to gain a few levels, then spend your new skill points!

Skill points are gained every even-numbered level. Blue points are gained through level 20, green through level 40 (?) and red thereafter.

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